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3 new technical analysis indicators

Three new technical analysis indicators have been added to the NanoTrader trading platform. The Rainbow GMMA indicator, also called Guppy's Rainbow, was designed to visualise the short term and the long term trend. The Rainbow MA indicator and is derived from Guppy's Rainbow. The Elliot Oscillator was designed by trader Linda Raschke. This interesting day trading indicator detects situations where new price highs/lows and new momentum highs/lows coincide. Download a free real-time demo of the NanoTrader Full.

2 new chart patterns

Two new chart patterns have been added to the NanoTrader trading platform. Both chart patterns attempt to detect market reversal points. The first pattern is the One Day Reversal pattern defined by trader Jesse Livermore. The second pattern is a pattern based on candlestick charts and is called the Hikkake pattern. Download a free real-time demo of the NanoTrader Full.

Platform demo

Test in real-time het trading platform NanoTrader Free  of het platform NanoTrader Full .

Trading bibliotheek

Download gratis e-books en rapporten in de trading bibliotheek (Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, English).

Trading videos

Grafieken, strategieën, automatisch handelen, backtesting, playback... bekijk deze videos en wordt een trading platform expert.

Trading webinars

Neem deel aan onze gratis trading webinars en seminars (Deutsch, Nederlands, Français).


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